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What is so good about Lead to Succeed?

The Lead to Succeed programme has been part of the Coleman Training portfolio for more than two years now.  It is our most popular care leadership training programme and has received outstanding feedback from learners.

Effective care services need well-trained, confident registered managers.  In our sector, it is traditional for registered managers to have progressed through the ranks from nursing or care assistant to management.   This means that although workers may have excellent care and support skills they may not yet have developed the leadership skills required to run an effective service.

The bridge between care and leadership

Lead to Succeed is the ideal bridge for the transition between care and leadership.  Attendees are supported throughout the programme and between sessions to build their confidence and ability.  Learning is achieved through a practical blend of discussion, activities and reflective practice.  Reference is made throughout the programme to CQC inspection standards, reports, expectations, processes etc.

How does it work?

Each session focusses on a different element of care leadership.  At the end of every session, learners will complete an action plan and will be expected to report back on their progress at the next session.  The focus is on achieving practical outcomes, rather than simply being a theoretical exercise.  Peer support is encouraged and professional relationships formed during the course often continue after completion of the programme.

Who is Lead to Succeed for?

Lead to Succeed is designed around the Manager Induction Standards, Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care and Level 5 Diploma in Care Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care.  It is ideal for new and aspiring managers.

What will Lead to Succeed sessions cover?

The programme is delivered through five full-day workshops, usually delivered monthly:

Day One:     Successful Behaviours for leaders and managers

Day Two:     Developing a positive culture

Day Three:  Effective supervision

Day Four:    Leading and managing the process of change

Day Five.     Leading and managing the inspection process

This module covers Day One: Successful Behaviours for leaders and managers


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Please read this document first: Lead to Succeed module 1 - Aims and outcomes - successful behaviours for leaders and managers

Please use this workbook throughout the course. I will be referring to it during the video. You can pause the video whenever you want so that you can update the workbook.


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