Strengths-Based Approaches

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Course Outline

The Care Act 2014 focussed on personalising care for individuals through strengths-based approaches.  An important part of personalised care is ensuring that, rather than disempowering individuals by focussing on what they are unable to do, we should aim to empower, by shifting the focus onto a person’s strengths and capabilities.

Strength-based approaches are designed to support, empower and protect an individual by drawing on their strengths and assets and also to collaborate with others within the community to maximise the individual’s personal choice and independence. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to explore what is and what isn’t a strengths-based approach and focus on empowering individuals to achieve their personal aspirations and wishes and improving wellbeing.

The aim of our strengths-based approaches training course is to understand the importance of strengths-based approaches when working with individuals receiving care and support, and to explore ways in which these approaches can become embedded within organisational culture and values.

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  • Describe what is meant by a strengths-based approach​
  • Describe the key principles of strengths-based practice​
  • Explore positive risk taking​
  • Explain how adopting a strengths-based approach promotes wellbeing​
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with other professionals and networks in the community
  • Describe methods for embedding a strengths-based approach within an organisation

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