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Course Outline

The “Supervision Skills” training course is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the crucial role of supervision. Throughout the course, participants will delve into the core concepts of supervision, understand its role in the workplace, and explore practical strategies for effective supervision and appraisal. The course is structured around key components, including types of supervision, qualities and behaviors of effective supervisors, practical strategies, active listening techniques, and action planning.

What is Supervision?
The course kicks off by establishing a foundational understanding of supervision. Participants explore the definition of supervision, its significance in organisational settings, and how it contributes to employee growth and performance improvement. This module lays the groundwork for participants to comprehend the broader scope of supervision within the professional context.

Supervision and Appraisal:
Building on the foundation, the course delves into the relationship between supervision and appraisal. Participants learn how effective supervision plays a pivotal role in the appraisal process, contributing to fair and constructive performance evaluations. This section emphasizes the alignment of supervision goals with the appraisal process to foster a positive and developmental workplace culture.

Types of Supervision:
The course explores various approaches to supervision, recognising that different situations may require different supervisory styles. Participants gain insights into directive, supportive, and collaborative supervision models. Practical examples and case studies illustrate the application of each type, allowing participants to identify the most suitable approach for specific scenarios.

Qualities and Behaviours:
This topic focuses on the essential qualities and behaviors that distinguish effective supervisors. Participants examine leadership traits, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, understanding how these attributes contribute to building strong, positive relationships with team members. Role-playing exercises and discussions enhance participants’ self-awareness and provide opportunities for skill development.

Practical Strategies:
The course emphasises the application of theoretical knowledge through practical strategies. Participants explore tools and techniques for setting clear expectations, providing constructive feedback, and resolving conflicts within the supervisory context. Real-world case studies and interactive simulations enable participants to hone their skills in a controlled learning environment.

Active Listening:
Recognising the pivotal role of communication in effective supervision, the course examines the techniques involved in active listening. Participants learn the art of attentive and empathetic listening, understanding how it fosters better understanding, trust, and collaboration. Practical exercises and role-playing scenarios help participants refine their active listening skills.

Action Planning:
The course concludes with a focus on translating learning into actionable plans. Participants engage in the development of personalized action plans, applying the acquired knowledge and skills to their specific professional contexts. Facilitators guide participants in setting realistic and measurable goals for enhancing their supervisory effectiveness.

The “Supervision Skills” training course is a dynamic and interactive learning experience that equips participants with the tools and knowledge to excel in supervisory roles. By combining theoretical insights with practical strategies, this course ensures that participants not only understand the principles of supervision but can also apply them effectively in the workplace. Whether participants are new to supervision or seeking to enhance their existing skills, this course provides a comprehensive and empowering learning journey.

This workshop can also be delivered as a half day refresher for staff who have previously completed supervision training.

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  • To develop an understanding of supervision within adult social care​
  • To explore leadership behaviours associated with being an effective supervisor​
  • To provide learners with practical strategies to improve their own behaviours when supervising others
  • Describe the scope and purpose of supervision in adult social care​
  • Explain the key principles of effective supervision​
  • Describe how to use supervision to support your own wellbeing​
  • Describe how to plan, revise and review supervision objectives​
  • Explain the importance of active listening​
  • Explain the factors that could result in a power imbalance and how to address them​
  • Describe how to manage equal participation in supervision​
  • Identify ways to capture evidence and measure the impact of the changes made​
  • Develop an initial plan to implement the learning that has taken place

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