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Leaders are the social care sector’s most valuable assets. People are the driving force behind the quality of care, and empowering staff at all levels through leadership training is essential to help services prosper during these challenging times.

Looking for a leadership training course from Coleman Training & Consultancy? Browse our leadership courses below:

Health & Social Care Leadership Training Courses

Good and outstanding social care providers provide quality leadership training for social care staff. This will impact social care workers’ motivation, morale, commitment and job satisfaction. All critical factors in improving the wellbeing of those in receipt of services.

Registered managers recognise the importance of developing their current staff and supporting new recruits to ensure the provision of quality care. Leadership courses will empower and inspire existing staff and enhance your workplace culture.

The State of Care Report (Care Quality Commission, 2018), which rates the quality of care in England, states that high-quality care is characterized by excellent leadership and governance, a solid organizational culture that encourages learning, and good cooperative working.

Leadership programmes and courses can help create a learning environment where peer-to-peer support is encouraged, and leadership principles and practical issues can be shared.

What is different about the Social Care Sector?

The social care sector has its own unique challenges. This means that providers seeking leadership training (or training courses), should ideally source a leadership training provider who specialises in the social care sector.

Staff working in a leadership or management role in the social care sector are not only responsible for the care and safety of their staff, but they are also accountable for the safety and wellbeing of their clients – those in need of care and support. It can be challenging for new and experienced managers to juggle staffing issues, while also delivering quality care to clients.

What are the different types of Leadership Training for the Social Care Sector?

For individual roles in the social care industry, Skills for Care have outlined six different types of leadership training or support:

  • Support for registered Managers
  • Developing leaders and managers
  • Managing people
  • Managing a service
  • Person centred and community based working – strength based approaches
  • Workforce commissioning, planning and transformation

Knowledge transfer between generations of social care workers can be achieved through cross-sector learning and training initiatives within the industry.

Leadership programmes can help build strong leaders for social care teams by encouraging a supportive environment – one which encourages support from peers and where social care team members are encouraged to share knowledge and experiences with each other.

This is why we encourage education delivered by experienced social care practitioners — not from trainers or academic theorists who have no hands-on experience of working in the social care sector.

What different topics do social care workers need leadership training for?

Coleman Training have a range of topics and courses for leadership training for social care staff.
Whether the leadership training involves assertiveness, change management or delegation, we stick to our core principle: to help you help others with the best quality of care.

As well as our leadership workshops and short courses, we also deliver Skills for Care licensed leadership programmes – Lead to Succeed, for new and aspiring managers, Well Led for more experienced managers and three single-day workshops.

The Well Led Programme is a national leadership development programme for managers of adult social care services working in the private, public or third sectors. Grounded in the reality of social care delivery, the programme has been developed in partnership with registered managers familiar with the day-to-day challenges of leading a care team.

The Well-led programme is delivered over four learning and development modules and supported by a resource pack of key learning materials and practical tasks which can be used to cascade and embed back into the workplace.

Real-life examples from managers of organisations rated ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ are used to show what is needed to achieve and sustain high standards to deliver high-quality, person-centred care. Supporting learners to gain a very clear understanding of what well-led looks like and find solutions to improve the quality of care.

The programme is underpinned by models of leadership that can be practically applied to deliver change and secure a well-led future.

Why Coleman Training for Leadership Training?

Coleman Training is a Centre of Excellence with Skills for Care. As industry leaders in the social care sector, Coleman Training & Consulting has many years of experience delivering the highest quality training to care staff around the UK. Not only that, many of our trainers and staff have first-hand experience as registered managers or staff leaders in social care services, so understand the problems, gaps and help needed for social care workers.

Our wide range of leadership training courses can help individuals and social care teams to become more effective practitioners, and prepare them for a successful leadership role.

We model a person-centred approach by putting learners needs at the centre of all that we do. When learners acquire knowledge and skills in an environment that is respectful, supportive and inspiring, they are empowered to support others. Developing empathy and seeing “the whole person” are core values that run through every course we deliver.

We are proud to have been awarded Skills for Care, Centre of Excellence status. We aspire to excellence in everything that we do. We will critically evaluate our own performance and take every opportunity to learn and improve our service. We welcome feedback, both negative and positive from learners and commissioners. This feedback is an essential component in our pursuit of excellence.

To learn more about leadership training that is right for you, please feel free to give us a call on 08450706927.