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Evidence based relaxation therapy for dementia

Emotional wellbeing can be a challenge for people living with dementia, who may experience a range of difficulties, including anxiety.

We offer a range of Calmer by Nature DVDs and CDs that magically capture the natural world, of animals and stunning scenery bringing it to life in your home. The films are without people or voiceover, just accompanied by nature’s calls, sounds and silences.

  • No confusing plots to get to grips with
  • Playing pure nature DVDs is both calming yet mentally absorbing and creates a relaxing environment
  • Nature is an instinctive reminiscence therapy
  • Evidence based relaxation therapy for dementia (Dr Craig Knight, Exeter University)
  • Correct use of DVDs will enhance evidence for CQC inspections
  • Our Wellbeing Workshop has been developed to complement these products