Develop your Assertiveness

Price: £395.00 (for up to 12 delegates)

Duration: 3 hours delivered via Zoom
Certification: Certificate of attendance

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Course Outline

Assertiveness training is about communication.  It is about engaging with others in a respectful manner and ensuring that we are treated in the same way by others.  Assertiveness is important in every area of work and home life.  Without it, we hand others the power to direct our lives.  Assertiveness is sometimes confused with aggression.  They are very different.  An assertive person understands how to respond effectively to different situations calmly and with respect.

Transitioning into a management role can be an exciting  new challenge. However, managing your previous workmates brings its own problems.  It can be rather like like navigating a minefield.  You are trying to be the boss, yet not wanting to create resentment in your team. You ask yourself, am I being a pushover?  Or maybe you are wondering why, when you ask for something, you get a negative reaction.  This assertiveness training workshop addresses these issues and much more.

You will begin by exploring the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.  After this,  you will take part in a series of exercises to discover your own default communication method.  Once you know what you’re doing, you can learn how to take control.

Through a range of activities we will help you to build the confidence to manage a variety of situations effectively.  Even more importantly, you will learn how to avoid common disempowering behaviours.

Assertiveness is not achieved overnight.  Success comes from practicing your new behaviours until they become second nature.

Begin the change today by booking this course.  Who knows what the future might hold?

On completion delegates will be able to:

Describe the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours

Use assertive language without sounding aggressive

Understand how power can be “given away” without realising

Recognise the dangers of passive aggressive behaviour

Say “no” effectively and without guilt

What your body language is telling others

When to adopt different communication styles to meet the needs of a variety of situations



Prices quoted are for Zoom training in a virtual classroom with a specialist trainer
Please ask for a quote for face-to-face training
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All courses are for up to 12 attendees

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