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Price £650.00 per day – £450 per half day

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  • Carehome Managers
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Service Outline

Carrying out a monthly audit is time-consuming for busy senior staff.  This can sometimes lead to audits being rushed or delayed and critical information being missed.  Our audit service allows you to free up your staff to concentrate on supporting their team, while we carry out a professional audit which is linked to CQC Fundamental Standards.

All audits are initially followed by a verbal report the the manager of our findings, followed by a full written report which is sent by email within 48 hours.  We will also include recommendations for improvements.

Timescales are approximate and are for the time onsite only. They do not include time taken to complete the written report. The cost is inclusive of report writing. All audits are followed by a report to the Manager. An initial report will be given verbally if the manager is available and then followed by full report which will be sent by email within 48 hours.

Below are suggested audits plus approximate time scales for each audit. The cost of audits is £650 per day (including additional time for writing and emailing report) or £450 per half day (including additional time for writing and emailing report).

Subject Areas of Audit Approximate Timescale
1. Medication MAR charts x 10
Controlled Drug Register & Controlled Medication
Observation on the day -Senior Staff administering Meds
Contents of 1 Meds Trolley audited against MAR Chart
Creaming Charts x 10
Half Day
2. Pressure Area Care/Tissue Viability Audit Pressure Areas x 5 from Care Plan information
Audit type of P.R. Mattress in place
Audit other pressure relieving equipment
Mattress Audit – non- pressure relieving (age, hoovering, turning
1 hour
3. Infection Control Observation – hand washing x 6 staff
Laundry bag/clinical waste bags
Use of Gels within the home
Facilities for Visitors
Catheter bag/Night bag disposal
1 hour
4. Continence Catheters in situ and info in Care Plan 1 hour
5. Accidents/Falls Monthly accident/incident reports. Audit re times, locations and high- risk residents.
Follow up with GP
Link figures with potential Dependency figures to highlight high risk residents, high risk times of falls, high risk locations.
Staffing ratios – during any identified high-risk areas/times
2 hours
6. Mealtime Experience Observation monthly of meal time experience linking to Dignity, Well- being, Choices, Staff interaction, meeting individual needs. 1 hour
7. Staff Observation Observation of three staff per month whist delivering personal care. This can be used to enhance supervision sessions and can be done alternate months in place of a formal supervision.
This would take place subject to the Residents permission.
Observation will include – privacy and Dignity, Infection Control, Manual Handling, staff interaction, Information sharing, Choices and
personal preferences, person centred care.
1.5 hours
8. Health and Safety COSSH – audit Risk Assessments, staff understanding, observation of two housekeeping staff re correct procedures and infection control understanding.
Wheelchairs – individual? Labelled? Footplates, cushions etc
Check four per month.
Walking frames – individual, labelled? Check four per month.
1.5 hours
9. Nutrition and Hydration Audit x 5 Fluid Charts
Audit monthly weight info
Audit MUST assessment x 5 and follow up procedures with GP
Menu Choices – recording of Residents preferences – recording of
Allergy Information – in care plan and records in kitchen
2 hours