Continence and Catheter Care

Price £295.00 (for up to 12 delegates)

Duration: 2 hours
Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Suitable for

  • Healthcare assistants
  • Adult social care workers
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Continence and Catheter Care

Course Outline

This Continence and Catheter Care workshop is aimed at nurses and care assistants in all settings.    Incontinence often isolates sufferers, who live in fear of having an accident while they are with other people.  This destroys confidence and undermines wellbeing.  You will begin by exploring the impact that urinary incontinence can have upon a person’s life, their self-esteem and their wellbeing. Following this you will explore ways of promoting continence.  You will learn about the risks associated with catheterisation and how they can be managed.  You will then have the opportunity to see and handle different types of catheter that may be used in your setting.  Next, you will be shown how to empty and change a catheter bag and have the opportunity to practice in the classroom.  Finally, you will conclude with a discussion about common problems and how they may be resolved.

Learning Outcomes

  • The importance of continence and catheter care
  • The psychological impact of incontinence
  • The anatomy and physiology of the lower urinary tract
  • How our body keeps us continent
  • That there are different types of incontinence
  • How to support a person to stay continent
  • What is a catheter?
  • The reasons why someone may have a catheter fitted
  • To recognise and manage the risks associated with catheterisation
  • How to empty and change a urinary drainage bag
  • How to solve common problems relating to continence and catheter care