Falls and Fragility Course (HEE)

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Duration: 2 hours
Certification: Certificate of attendance

Suitable for

  • Nurses
  • Medical staff
  • Social
  • Care staff
  • Domiciliary carers
  • Dementia relatives

* Please note these funded course dates are only available to organisations within the South Yorkshire region. If you are interested in booking these courses outside of this funded scheme, please contact Juanita at juanita@colemantraining.co.uk

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Course Outline

Falls prevention is an essential skill that will support clients to remain independent for longer. Falling can result in serious injury or maybe even death.  It is accepted that experiencing a physical injury is usually painful, however, what  is often underestimated, is the emotional impact of suffering falls. Living in fear of another fall can destroy a person’s confidence and as a result, they often become less mobile.  When people stop moving around they lose muscle condition, which has the effect of making a fall even more likely. For that reason, minimising or preventing falls can have a major impact on a person’s health and wellbeing.  It is therefore important that all staff have the skills to encourage and support a person to be mobile, while engaging in good falls prevention practice.

This workshop explores the many reasons why a person might fall and actions that can be taken to minimise or prevent falls. Attendees will also learn what to do if a fall does occur,  how to take appropriate action and finally, how to record the incident correctly.

On completion delegates will be able to:

Describe the importance of falls prevention

State statistics and causes of falls

Describe the physical and emotional impact on a person who has fallen

Demonstrate how to risk assess and take preventative measures to minimise falls

Take appropriate action in the event of someone falling

Support a person to regain confidence after a fall

Monitor falls and keep appropriate records

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