Lead a Successful CQC Inspection

Price £795.00 (for up to 15 delegates – No VAT)

Duration: 6 hours
Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Suitable for

  • Senior Staff
  • New Registered Managers
  • Refreshing Registered Managers
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Course Outline

Could your senior staff lead a successful CQC Inspection?   If the answer is “no” or “not sure”, enrol them without delay onto this Inspection MasterClass.  CQC arriving can be stressful, but your seniors can be a major asset at this time – if they know what to do.  This packed MasterClass will give attendees a range of tools, expert knowledge and confidence to lead a CQC inspection with ease.  They will go on to learn about how to deal with issues that may arise during the inspection, and turn them into positive outcomes.  Most importantly, they will learn how to be “inspection ready” all the time.

Our Lead a Successful CQC Inspection masterclass evolved from feedback received from new and aspiring managers who attended our Lead to Succeed, five-month programme, which attracts WDF funding.  Feedback consistently mentioned how much better attendees understood the inspection process and how their confidence had grown as a result.  In fact, during a recent programme, 5 out of the 8 attendees had secured Registered Managers’ positions before the end of the programme!

For our full five-session Lead to Succeed Programme, click here https://www.colemantraining.co.uk/product/lead-to-succeed/

What you will learn:

  • Which organisations are inspected by CQC
  • Reasons for inspections, including triggers for unscheduled inspections
  • The Fundamental Standards, what they are and why they matter 
  • Understand the structure of  the 5 Key Questions and KloEs
  • Different methods to capture evidence and prepare for an inspection
  • How to ensure that all staff are prepared and confident to answer questions
  • The implications of receiving positive or negative ratings and how to use them positively
  • When and how to challenge a rating that you believe is unjust
  • To develop a professional action plan for change to share with your inspector
  • Types of evidence to capture the impact of changes made
  • How to lead and motivate staff before, during and after the inspection
  • How to smile during an inspection!