Nutrition and Hydration

Price £295.00 (for up to 12 delegates)

Duration: 2 hours delivered via Zoom
Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Suitable for anyone working in a health or social care role where they are supporting people to eat:

  • Nurses
  • Social care professionals
  • Domiciliary carers
  • People supporting loved ones with dementia at home
  • Chefs and cooks

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Nutrition and Hydration

Course Outline

Nutrition and hydration affect every aspect of a person’s life including their physical and mental health.  When we eat well and drink plenty of fluids, we are more able to fight infection, stay alert and maintain a healthy body weight. For people who are unwell or receiving care and support, maintaining adequate nutrition and hydration is even more essential.  Lack of hydration is commonly  linked to increased falls, urinary tract infections and confusion.  For people living with dementia, maintaining nutrition and hydration can be a challenge.  The person sometimes forgets to eat, or doesn’t recognise food, or simply can’t sit still long enough to eat.  This workshop will begin by helping you to recognise the different food groups and why they are important to our health. Next, we will explore some of the barriers to eating and drinking well.  You will learn how to encourage people to eat healthily despite their difficulties.  We will also look at some of the solutions to maintaining nutrition and hydration that are available from specialist suppliers.

You will be introduced to the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (M.U.S.T.) and will learn how to use it to screen and monitor people at risk.

Finally you will learn how to use your new knowledge to develop an effective care plan for a person you support.

You will  of course be able to use all of your new understanding to improve your own nutrition and hydration.  A well-nourished and hydrated person enjoys better health, glowing skin and increased energy levels.  Isn’t that what we all want?


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of good nutrition and hydration
  • Recognise some of the barriers to achieving healthy nutrition and hydration
  • Describe different food groups and why they are important to our health
  • Identify the energy requirements for different people
  • Explain the role of vitamins and minerals
  • Put together a balanced meal
  • Use a M.U.S.T. tool
  • Use your knowledge to develop a care plan to support hydration and nutrition

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