Safeguarding Adults

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Duration: 2 hours delivered via Zoom
Certification: Certificate of attendance

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  • Nurses & Medical
  • Senior staff

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Course Outline

This workshop defines the terms safeguarding adults.  Attendees explore the main types of harm and abuse and signs that indicate these may be taking place. They will learn about their role and responsibilities for safeguarding individuals and how to access additional help and support.
You will explore what makes a person more vulnerable to abuse and the basic principles of helping an individual to keep themselves safe. You will learn about the  Safeguarding Vulnerable groups Act 2006 and the pan London policy for Safeguarding adults at Risk.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the principles of safeguarding adults
  • Explain what makes a person vulnerable
  • Know how to reduce the likelihood of abuse
  • State how to respond to suspected or disclosed abuse
  • Protect people from harm and abuse – locally and nationally