The Training Academy

What is the
Training Academy?

Develop your own trainers with our recognised training qualification (Level 3 Award in Education and Training QCF) and deliver your own frequently updated courses in-house at a time that suits you and your staff.

The Training Academy ensures that you are compliant with CQC requirements for “quality of training”.

  • Select your in-house trainer
  • Book full Academy course for staff new to training
  • Book Dementia Cascade for existing qualified trainers
  • Familiarisation and training in use of materials
  • Training skills coaching
  • Multiple choice examination “Foundation Certificate in Dementia Awareness” Alzheimer’s Society Certificated
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training QCF examination
  • Training skills observation with full written feedback

At the close of the course, graduated trainers will receive the “Blue Box” containing everything they require to deliver dementia training within your organisation, including:

  • Learner Pre-Registration Form
  • Registration Form
  • Health and Safety check list
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Facilitator Notes
  • Exercises
  • Film Footage
  • Learners’ workbooks
  • Learner Evaluation Forms
  • Trainer Evaluation Forms
  • Certificates

Miscellaneous items (props etc. may vary for different exercises)


For a small monthly fee, organisations will be able to download resources, receive a completely refreshed course twice yearly to ensure material is current, fully compliant and engaging.  Legal changes or changes in policy will be distributed immediately to ensure compliance. Trainers will be entitled to join any open Training Academy course (or part) to maintain their skills and network with other trainers.

Membership Fee £20 per month
This includes:

    • Registration on our Associate Trainer List, making you eligible to deliver training to local clients on behalf of Coleman Training.
    • Regular updates to courses to ensure compliance
    • A wide selection of  experiential exercises and ice breakers to engage your learners
    • Additional workshops to build your portfolio at special rates
    • Access to our resource library
    • Members’ forum
    • Support centre


Duration:  5 days over four weeks
Cost:  £450 per delegate (including examination fees)
This includes:

  • 3 days (+ home study) “Fast track” Level 3 Award
    in Education and Training QCF
  • 2 days Dementia Facilitation Training (including Foundation Certificate in Dementia Awareness) Alzheimer’s Society.

Previously qualified trainers may prefer to take the Dementia Cascade course without the level 3 award:
Duration:  2 days
Cost:  £299 per delegate (including examination fees)

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The Training Academy is not just limited to organisations developing their own training, but is open to freelance trainers who would like to specialise in Dementia Care Training.

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