“Working together to improve the lives of people living with dementia, and caring for the very special people who support them.”Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman
Founder of Coleman Training

Dementia training

We are a leading dementia training and consultancy company with a passion for promoting excellence and a reputation for delivering measurable results.

Our mission is to work in partnership with you to inspire, stimulate and educate your staff, empowering them to transform the lives of people living and working in social care settings.


Embracing Diversity

Caroline Coleman, founder of Coleman Training, is a qualified psychotherapist and has been training adults for more than 20 years. She is passionate in her belief that training is not simply about delivering information. It is about understanding people. Our industry attracts people from all walks of life, different educational backgrounds and from every corner of the globe. This brings unique challenges, but also a wonderful richness of talent just waiting to be released.

We Pursue excellence

Our specialist trainers are carefully selected, not just for their exceptional training skills and expertise, but also for their integrity, warmth and sensitivity. These attributes, together with our unique style of interactive training facilitates high levels of engagement with learners.
We constantly strive to improve your experience. Every course evaluation form is carefully read and your feedback and comments help shape our service as a part of our continual pursuit of excellence.

Learning is fun

Our courses are highly interactive and designed to be fun. Although the subject matter can be emotionally challenging, we work hard to ensure that spending time with us is uplifting and motivating.

People can live well with dementia, they can laugh and have fun – and so can the people who support them. Having fun together creates strong bonds between people and this is our goal.