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Twilight training offers flexible out-of-hours sessions, accommodating busy schedules. It provides access to training outside typical working hours, ensuring convenience and maximizing participation. This approach allows your staff to engage in learning without disrupting their regular duties, promoting continuous skill development and efficiency in the workplace.
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What is Twilight Training?

Keeping staff training up to date is never easy, but for night staff, it can be a real challenge.  If they stay on for training after their shift, they are exhausted, which makes learning difficult for them.  Training during the day on their day off messes with their body clock, so the go back to work feeling worn out.

The solution? Simple. We work when your staff work!  We offer a full range of 3 -hour courses to fit in at the beginning of the night shift.  Delivered from 6pm – 9pm to help you stay compliant and still have energised and well-trained night staff.

We also undertake audits and competency assessments from 6pm – 9pm, so you never need to worry about anyone slipping through the net again.

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