Supporting People with Learning Disabilities who show Distressed Behaviour

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  • Online - Zoom 3 hour(s)
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Course Outline

Our Supporting People in Distress course provides participants with essential knowledge and skills to effectively support individuals with learning difficulties who display distressed behaviour. Our experienced trainers will guide learners through theoretical understanding and practical strategies and participants will explore the underlying causes of distressed behaviour in individuals with learning difficulties.

Topics include understanding different types of learning difficulties, identifying triggers for distressed behaviour, implementing de-escalation techniques, promoting emotional regulation, and fostering a supportive environment. Participants will also learn about effective communication strategies, collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, and ethical considerations in supporting individuals with learning difficulties.

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  • To understand the terms ‘behaviour’ and ‘distressed behaviour
  • To examine the negative impact of language that describes behaviour
  • To understand behaviour as communication
  • To think about behaviour in relation to human needs
  • Excess and deficit behaviours
  • How to observe and record behaviour in a meaningful way
  • Understanding the importance of consistency
  • Using distraction and de-escalation

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