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10 Ways You Can Save Time In The Office

Holding a Timer
Caroline 29 November 2022


The adult social care sector is an incredibly difficult sector for staffing at the moment and leaders are experiencing the squeeze on time, resources and available staff.

Whilst trying to juggle all of this, registered managers must find the time in the day to organise training, sort staffing rotas, and most importantly of all, provide the best quality of care they can to those who need it most.

This is why we are sharing our top ten tips on how to save time as a manager in the office whilst still being as productive as possible:

  1. Make use of technology. Utilise the many available software packages and applications that can save you time, such as scheduling or tracking programs.
  2. Delegate tasks whenever possible. Seek out employee volunteers who are willing to take on additional responsibilities, allowing you more time for higher priority tasks and projects.
  3. Create templates and document processes. Save yourself the time of having to recreate documents from scratch by creating templates that can be quickly updated with specific information.
  4. Plan ahead and set deadlines. Make sure to plan out your tasks for the day, week or even month in advance, so you know exactly what needs to be done and when.
  5. Review and streamline daily operations. Look at how long things take and if there is anything that could be improved or automated to save time in the future.
  6. Prioritise effectively. Take extra care when sorting through emails or tasks, deciding which ones must be completed first and leaving less important ones until later on.
  7. Hold regular meetings or check-ins with staff members. Scheduling regular catch ups with team members is essential for staying up to date with their progress and managing any issues that may arise.
  8. Organise and manage paperwork. Take a few minutes a day to decide which documents must be filed, scanned or destroyed. Set up folders of hard copies and create digital files for quicker access when needed.
  9. Encourage team members to take on responsibility for tasks. Not all tasks have to fall into the hands of management— giving staff members the chance to grow their skillset by taking on certain duties can help lighten the load on the manager. The more confident employees feel in managing their own work, the less time they will need from you as a manager.
  10. Create systems that are efficient and repeatable. Having simple systems in place means that tasks can usually take less time and effort each time they are completed – especially when they are repeated multiple times. Developing a system for carrying out regular tasks that comes with checklists and templates can also save a lot of time in the long run.

Registered Managers have gone through a tough 2 years with the pressures of COVID, lockdowns and the new staffing and recruitment crisis, it’s not been easy.

Saving time in the office should make your life easier and enable you to be more productive, efficient and effective.