Using a Strengths Based Approach

Artist teacher explaining drawing technique to senior woman with disability Using a strengths based approach training
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Course Outline

Strengths-based learning is an educational approach that focuses on identifying and developing people’s inherent strengths, talents, and interests, rather than solely addressing weaknesses or deficits. It emphasises building on what individuals already do well and leveraging those strengths to promote learning, engagement, and academic success. This approach fosters a positive mindset, self-confidence, and intrinsic motivation, leading to enhanced academic performance and personal growth. 

This course empowers participants to harness the power of positive psychology and strengths-focused methodologies in various personal and professional contexts to explore the principles and applications of strengths-based approaches. Participants learn to identify and leverage their own strengths and those of others to enhance performance, resilience, and well-being. On completion, participants emerge equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to cultivate positive change and facilitate growth and development in themselves and others using a strengths-based approach. 

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  • To describe the meaning and principles of a strengths-based approach
  • To explain how adopting this approach promotes wellbeing
  • To explore positive risk taking
  • How to build and maintain resilience
  • To identify opportunities to collaborate with other professionals and networks in the community
  • To describe methods for embedding this approach within an organisation
  • To create an action plan for using this approach within your service

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