Learning Disability Care Training Courses

Some people with learning disabilities may communicate distress through their behaviour. It is essential that services and their staff are able to understand such behaviours and support the person to reduce their levels of distress. The Positive Behaviour Support model provides an excellent framework within which to achieve this.

To support people with learning disabilities, adult social care workers need to have the right values, skills and knowledge base to provide person-centred, high quality care and support. This will help to ensure that the people in their services are able to lead the lives they chose, access a wide range of opportunities, participate in their local communities and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Learning Disability Care Training courses can follow the Skills for Care Core Capabilities Framework that sets out the skills and knowledge that health and social care workers need to deliver high-quality care and support.

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  • Strengths Based Approaches (Refresher)
    Strengths Based Approaches (Refresher)
  • Autism Awareness Course
    Autism Awareness
  • Strengths-Based Approaches Training Course
    Strengths-Based Approaches Training Course
  • Supporting Everyday Needs (LD)
    Supporting Everyday Needs (LD)
  • Learning Disability and Dementia (Active Aging)
    Learning Disability and Dementia (Active Aging)

What is the Core Capabilities Framework for Learning Disabilities?

The Skills For Care capabilities framework describes the skills, knowledge and behaviours which people bring to their work and are used to support the development of the workforce and inform the delivery of education.

  • The framework is split into 5 core areas that care workers and teams need training on.
  • Understanding Learning Disability
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personalised Care and Support
  • Risk, Legislation and Safeguarding
  • Leadership and Management, Education and Research

Each training type is targeted at different roles in the care sector and not everyone will need to know everything in these 5 sections.

This framework also means that services all over the country will be giving staff the same training and ensures the courses and training provided are up to date, relevant and to the highest quality.

Learning Disabilities Courses From Coleman Training & Consultancy

Here at Coleman Training and Consultancy we take utmost pride in being a Skills For Care Centre of Excellence, TQUK approved centre, Highfield approved centre, Member of the Care Learning Coalition, Member of the ILM and we are signed up to the Good Business Charter.

We model a person-centred approach by putting learners’ needs at the centre of all that we do. When learners acquire knowledge and skills in an environment that is respectful, supportive and inspiring, they are empowered to support others. Developing empathy and seeing “the whole person” are core values that run through every course we deliver.

We aspire to excellence in everything that we do. We will critically evaluate our own performance and take every opportunity to learn and improve our service. We welcome feedback, both negative and positive from learners and commissioners. This feedback is an essential component in our pursuit of excellence.

To learn more about our courses or to book, please feel free to give us a call on 08450706927.