A Mile in My Shoes (Dementia Awareness)

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  • Online - Zoom 4 hour(s)
  • Up to 12 delegates
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Course Outline

Originally developed for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to train their inspectors, A Mile in My Shoes is our Dementia Awareness course. We’ve developed this course as an introduction to dementia and a basic level dementia training course for care services. As a result, your service can now align your dementia training with what the CQC are looking for.

A Mile in My Shoes is delivered through interactive exercises, videos and group work to build a deeper understanding of dementia.

People living with dementia may experience the world around them differently. Therefore, small changes that we make, can make a big difference. Attendees will learn to walk a mile in the shoes of a person living with dementia and explore ways to support people who are living with these changes.

This dementia awareness course covers the following topics:

What is Dementia?
Begin by unravelling the mystery of dementia. Understand the fundamentals of dementia, exploring what it is, its symptoms, and how it differs from normal aging.

The Different Types of Dementia
Dive into the diverse world of dementia by exploring its different types. In our dementia awareness course learn about Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and other variations. Understand the unique characteristics of each type to better recognize and respond to specific challenges individuals may face.

Diagnosing Dementia
Navigate the diagnostic process of dementia, learning about the tools and assessments used by healthcare professionals. Gain insight into the importance of early diagnosis and the role it plays in providing appropriate care and support.

Understanding How Our Brain Works
Embark on a journey into the intricate workings of the brain. Explore the basic functions, structures, and processes that form the foundation of cognitive abilities. This lays the groundwork for understanding how dementia disrupts these functions.

How Dementia Affects Our Senses
Discover the impact of dementia on the senses, including sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Understand the sensory challenges faced by individuals with dementia and explore practical strategies to enhance their sensory experiences.

Changes to the Brain
Examine the structural and functional changes that occur in the brain due to dementia. Develop a clearer understanding of the physical aspects of the condition, enabling participants to connect theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Are All Needs Being Met?
Evaluate the holistic needs of individuals living with dementia. Explore physical, emotional, and social needs, emphasizing the importance of a person-centred approach. Identify potential gaps in care and support and learn how to address them effectively.

By the end of this dementia awareness course, delegates will possess a solid foundation in understanding dementia, from its various types and diagnostic processes to the intricate workings of the brain. Armed with practical insights, delegates will be better equipped to ensure the comprehensive needs of individuals with dementia are met.

With our range of Dementia Training Courses, our main aim is to gain a full and deep understanding of people with dementia.

Read our latest article on how our course can save you money and improve the lives of your residents.

For further details or to arrange training please don’t hesitate to speak to Juanita. We look forward to supporting you!

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  • To separate the facts from fiction and see each experience as unique to the individual​
  • To recognise the risk factors associated with dementia​
  • Know the most common types of dementia, their underlying causes and to recognise the diagnostic process​
  • Identify the impact of neurological impairment on the person​
  • Understand how our memory works and appreciate how our past can shape our future​
  • To put person centred approach at the heart of care and support​
  • Recognise that the reality for people living with dementia is likely to be different from our own​
  • Understand how dementia can affect our senses​
  • Identify how dementia can affect the perception of the environment​
  • Appreciate ways of connecting with a person with dementia and to recognise how our own actions can affect the way a person connects with us​
  • Recognise different ways of communicating​

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