Sexuality, Sensuality and Dementia

Beautiful senior old couple wearing fancy party clothes acting in studio on a colored background. Conceptual image about third age and seniority, old people feeling young inside - Sexuality Sensuality and Dementia Training Course
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  • Online - Zoom 2 hour(s)
  • Up to 12 delegates
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Course Outline

Our Sexuality, Sensuality, and Dementia course is designed to provide healthcare professionals and caregivers with the tools they need to navigate the complex relationships that arise when caring for someone with dementia.

Our experienced training team will lead learners through the fundamental concepts of sexuality and the importance of maintaining connections and dignity amidst the challenges of dementia. It also addresses sensitive topics such as mistaken identity, moral dilemmas, and meeting physical needs, all while promoting compassionate care. By taking this course, you will be better equipped to approach dementia care with sensitivity and respect, ultimately fostering well-being for individuals and families.

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  • State the meaning of sexuality, sensuality and intimacy​
  • Understand the importance of relationships for people living with dementia​
  • Recognise that a person with dementia may still express sexual needs​
  • Recognise how to support family members to maintain positive relationships with their loved ones​
  • Explain why relationships may become difficult due to mistaken identity​
  • Explore moral challenges and dilemmas that may occur within relationships with people living with dementia​
  • Explore ways to meet the physical needs of a person with dementia​

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