Distress Behaviours Refresher

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Course Outline

Our Distress Behaviours Refresher Course examines historic attitudes and language that describe behaviours expressed by people living with dementia, sometimes referred to as “challenging behaviour”. Language is powerful, and we explore why the term, exhibiting “challenging behaviour” is inappropriate to use to describe a person living with a dementia. Participants will recognise behaviours as a response, and also explores how we ourselves react to periods of distress. When it’s difficult to communicate with words, people with dementia will use other methods to tell us what they need. This distress behaviours refresher will remind attendees that we all use behaviour to communicate. Think about it. What are we communicating when we slam a door or burst into tears? Quite simply, we are communicating how we feel. No complicated words needed! People with dementia are no different to you and I. Everything we do communicates something. Understanding behaviour of a person with dementia has to be our main aim in our dementia training courses. This distress behaviour refresher course will act as an important reminder for anyone working with people living with dementia, that behaviour that challenges, is ultimately a signal that a person needs help.

All of our dementia training courses are mapped to the Dementia Training Standards Framework

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When it comes to dementia training courses, Coleman Training are the experts. We developed and delivered the dementia awareness course for Care Quality Commission inspectors, we are a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence, Highfield approved centre, Member of the Care Learning Coalition, Member of the ILM and we are signed up to the Good Business Charter.

We model a person-centred approach by putting learners’ needs at the centre of all that we do. When learners acquire knowledge and skills in an environment that is respectful, supportive and inspiring, they are empowered to support others. Developing empathy and seeing “the whole person” are core values that run through every course we deliver.

All of our expert dementia trainers previously worked with the Alzheimer’s Society – three of whom were Lead Trainers with the Society. Each has at least 20 years of experience in dementia care training and all trainers have direct experience of supporting a person living with dementia. This means that while the training that we deliver is evidence based, reflecting current best practice, it is also underpinned by a wealth of practical experience, which is available to support learners.

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  • Recognise behaviours we may find difficult
  • See behaviour as a form of communication
  • Appreciate that all behaviours are as a result of a trigger
  • Explore what the triggers may be
  • Recognise changes in the brain
  • Appreciate that distress is also experienced by family members
  • Recognise different approaches when responding to distress behaviour

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