Diabetes Awareness

Person using a blood testing device on their finger smiling with neutral colours and background. Diabetes Awareness training,
Course No. 1165

£39.00 (Open course starting from just £39.00 per delegate )

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  • Online - Zoom 3 hour(s)
  • Contact us for a group quote (for up to 12 delegates)
Available Funding:
Self Funded
Open Course available dates:
12 July 2024

Course Outline

Led by one of our experienced trainers, join our Diabetes Awareness course to gain insights into the types, causes, symptoms and management strategies of Diabetes.

Learn about physiological mechanisms, lifestyle interventions, and psychosocial aspects crucial for effective care for individuals with Diabetes. Explore insulin production, glucose metabolism, and complications, alongside practical guidance on diet, exercise, and mental health support.

Participants will be equipped with the confidence and skills to promote awareness, facilitate early detection, support individuals with diabetes toward healthier lives and make a positive impact on diabetes care, and community well-being.

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  • Distinguish between the types of diabetes
  • Identify the causes and symptoms of diabetes
  • What is a healthy blood glucose reading 
  • Learn how to measure blood sugar levels
  • Understand how diabetes can be prevented and managed
  • Understand how diabetes impacts on the individual
  • Understand diabetes related complications
  • Learn how to support individuals who have diabetes

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