Venepuncture and Phlebotomy

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Course Outline

Our Venepuncture and Phlebotomy Training Course will help you and your staff master the techniques and safety measures. It will also discuss the ins and outs of relevant anatomy and physiology, understanding how our bodies work and why certain techniques are used. Our experienced trainers will guide you through hands-on practice where you’ll develop practical skills in venepuncture / phlebotomy, mastering the techniques under their supervision.

We’ll also explore what might prevent or advise against performing venepuncture/phlebotomy, known as contraindications, keeping patient safety in focus. You’ll link infection control measures to the procedure, understanding how to keep both patient and practitioner safe from harm. Lastly, we’ll examine some potential complications that can arise from venepuncture/phlebotomy, preparing you to anticipate and manage them effectively. This comprehensive course equips you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for successful venepuncture/phlebotomy practice.

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  • Explain the reasons for venepuncture/phlebotomy
  • Describe relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Develop practical skills in venepuncture/phlebotomy
  • Explain contraindications for performing venepuncture
  • Demonstrate correct infection control measures during the procedure
  • Describe potential complications associated with venepuncture

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