Understanding Performance Management


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How this course helps Managers

This CPD module will help you to master the art of performance management to develop your own outstanding team.

Learn why people perform differently. Gain the skills and techniques to inspire and motivate each of your team members.

Reflective practice helps you to learn from your day-to- day experiences and think about how you can do things differently or get better at recognising what you do well.

Learning about performance management is meaningless without change. At the end of this course, you will be challenged to put your new skills into practice and to lead your team to excellence.


Please click on the Materials Tab at the top of the course ( )and follow the instructions.

Each lesson can contain additional learning materials which you will see in the Material Tab at the start of each lesson. Check this tab before watching the video in case you need to download and print supporting material for the lesson.


Some of the lessons include a quiz. These will help you think about the material you are covering in the lesson and to help the learning process. Don’t worry if you get any questions wrong. That’s Ok. When you click ‘next’ after the lesson you will be automatically taken to the quiz if there is one.

There is a final quiz at the end of the course that you will need to get 80% of the questions right to pass this course. It is important to review the results of each quiz and see what the correct answers should be as some of these questions will be included in the final quiz.

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Below is a list of the course lessons. You need to take each lesson in turn. To take a lesson just click on the title of the lesson.

Each lesson consists of a video, materials and occasionally a quiz. Please proceed at your own pace, but if you get stuck at anytime, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be happy to hold your hand through this.

Happy learning !

Resource Materials to support you through this course

Please click on each link in turn and print these documents. You will be asked during the course to complete these as part of the learning process.

H3 Reflection and action plan

H1 Evaluation form

A4 Skill will worksheet

A4 Skill will activity notes