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Course Outline

Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills and improve your team’s productivity? Join our Delegate – Don’t Dump! course and learn how to master the art of delegation with the support of one of our experienced trainers. Delegation can be challenging, which is why we’ve designed a course that will teach you how to delegate effectively and avoid the common pitfalls of ‘dumping’ tasks on others.

The Delegate – Don’t Dump! course is designed to empower you by emphasising delegation’s role in personal as well as whole-team triumphs; by mastering the delegation cycle, you’ll foster productivity, satisfaction, and success.

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  • To avoid the pitfall of relying on a handful of trusted staff to manage all delegated tasks
  • How to choose the perfect candidate to take on the new challenge
  • Which tasks would be ideal for delegation
  • How delegation can be used as one of the most effective Staff development tools
  • The art of effective delegation in practice – you will receive a toolbox of resources to help
  • How to “sell” your plan to your chosen staff member

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