Understanding Workplace Culture

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Fully Funded

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  • Online - Zoom 4 hour(s)
  • Up to 12 delegates
Available Funding:
Workforce Development Fund

Course Outline

The Understanding Workplace Culture course provides the essential skill for registered managers working in the social care sector. A strong workplace culture supports best practice and builds team resilience to support the huge challenges that we face in our sector. This workshop was designed by Skills for Care and is being delivered virtually via Zoom or Face to Face.

We are not an “e-learning” company, our history is steeped in face-to-face training and supporting our learners is our main priority. We are real people who you can speak to when you need to.

Enhance your understanding about what culture is and how it is formed. Identify how different organisations promote and reinforce their culture, both in social care and in other sectors. Now think about your own culture, identifying what you are doing well and potential areas for improvement. You will leave with a range of new tools and activities that you will be able to utilise immediately to begin your culture enhancement programme.

Who is Understanding Workplace Culture for?

Understanding Workplace Culture Course was developed by Skills for Care to empower social care managers to enhance their workplace culture.  It is suitable for registered managers, aspiring managers, team leaders and others in a leadership role.

Cost and Funding

The cost of the workshop is £125 per candidate.  Full funding is available from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF).  Click here for more information on how you can access the WDF.

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  • Develop a clear understanding of what culture is
  • Understand the relationship between culture, values and vision​
  • Understand approaches for assessing culture and steering action
  • Understand simple rules for turning values into action
  • Understand nudge as applied to head, heart and environment
  • Gain awareness of a range of nudge activities for developing culture

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