Mental Capacity Act (MCA)

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Course Outline

Everyone who works in health and social care must comply with the Mental Capacity Act. It covers tiny, day to day decisions, right up to major life-changing decisions. Our Mental Capacity Act Course helps you to understand how to keep you and the people who you are responsible for safe from the perspective of mental health.

The course covered the following essential topics:

Explore the Purpose of the Mental Capacity Act
Discover the “why” behind the Mental Capacity Act. We’ll unravel the reasons and intentions that make the MCA an essential part of safeguarding and supporting individuals. Let’s make the purpose crystal clear!

Recognise MCA and Code of Practice for Safety
Ever wondered how the MCA and its trusty sidekick, the Code of Practice, keep people safe? We’ll dive into real-life scenarios and examples, showing you how these guidelines act as superheroes in ensuring the well-being of individuals.

Embrace Human Rights and Decision Making
The MCA is not just about rules; it’s about human rights and making decisions that matter. Join us as we explore how the MCA supports the rights of individuals and helps in decision-making processes. It’s about empowerment and respect!

Define “Mental Capacity”
Let’s break down the term “Mental Capacity” into bite-sized pieces. What does it really mean? We’ll guide you through understanding this concept and why it’s crucial in the context of the MCA.

Support People in Making Choices
Empathy, understanding, and practical tips – that’s what this part is all about. Learn how to support individuals in making their own choices. It’s not just about doing things for them; it’s about empowering them to be the captains of their own ships.

Discover the Five Statutory Principles
Meet the Five Statutory Principles – your guiding lights in navigating the world of the MCA. We’ll introduce you to these principles and show you how they play a key role in ensuring fairness and respect in decision making.

Grasp the Relevance of Lasting Power of Attorney
Why does Lasting Power of Attorney matter? Join us in unraveling its significance and understanding how it can be a crucial tool in ensuring that individuals’ wishes are respected, even when they may not be able to express them.

Understand the Importance of Advance Decisions
Advance Decisions – what are they, and why do they matter? We’ll explore the importance of planning ahead, ensuring that individuals have a say in their future even when circumstances might change.

Get ready to not just learn but to enjoy the journey of discovering the Mental Capacity Act and how it can positively impact the lives of individuals. Let’s make learning about the MCA an adventure filled with understanding, empathy, and practical insights!

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  • Describe the purpose of the Mental Capacity Act
  • Recognise how the MCA and Code of Practice keeps people safe
  • Understand how it supports human rights and helps decision making
  • Describe “Mental Capacity”
  • To be able to support people to make their own choices
  • To describe the Five Statutory Principles
  • Understand the relevance of Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Describe the importance of Advance Decisions

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