Moving and Assisting People – Level 2 Accredited

Two nurses in uniform assisting an older man on crutches to move across the room Moving and Assisting People Level 2 Accredited training
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Course Outline

Our Moving and Assisting People – Level 2 Accredited course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to practice safe and effective moving and assisting operations in healthcare and caregiving roles.

Our experienced trainers will cover key topics such as spine anatomy and physiology, essential legislation regarding Moving and Assisting, and practical demonstrations of safe techniques. By the end of the course, you’ll have gained expertise in assessing and executing moving and assisting operations with utmost safety and efficiency, while adhering to best practices and legal standards.

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  • Describe the structure of the spine and the loads placed on it in different positions
  • Discuss types of injuries associated with muscular-skeletal activities and the impact on specific conditions on moving and handling tasks
  • Relevant pieces of legislation relating to manual handling
  • Explain how legislation governs company policy; understand the importance of company policy, outline employers and employee responsibilities according to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Organisational Policy
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments and the importance of having them in place, and reviewing them regularly
  • 4 steps of a Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Define the term “ergonomics” and discuss its application in the workplace
  • The use of personal handling plans and what should be included
  • Personal Safety and Care
  • Assisting people; principles of safer moving and handling
  • Effective methods of communication with the person being moved
  • The role of the team leader and the importance, and working with a partner/team for safe practice
  • The importance of encouraging participation, involvement and informed consent when moving people with a person-centred focus
  • Individuals wishes in conflict, preparatory checks and advice and assistance
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Identify types of equipment that may be used in moving and assisting tasks
  • Practical activities: safely demonstrate various techniques with the individual moving independently, with instruction, being moved by one carer with two carers using appropriate equipment including: lifting an inanimate object, falling/fallen clients, moving an individual forward/back in a chair, sitting to standing from a chair and bed, seated transfer from chair to commode, lateral transfers using a transfer board, using a slide/glide sheet, fitting and removing a sling and hoisting from bed to chair, chair to chair and hoisting from floor (if applicable)

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