Person Centred Care

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Course Outline

Person-centred care is a phrase that has been used for many years now in the health and social care sector. Many people claim to deliver person-centred care, but person-centred care isn’t a delivery, it is a state of being – you are person-centred. It is a way of being with your client. It is the thread that flows through everything you do with that client. This Person Centred Care Course helps health and social care professionals to understand what person-centred care is and why it is important to be person-centred in your approach.

Begin by examining the meaning of person-centred care and the legislation surrounding social care. Person-centred care puts the client at the centre of their care. It means that doctors, nurses and care professionals must listen carefully to the person receiving care and support, learning what is important to them, their preferences and their fears. Person-centred care is holistic. It focusses on the whole person, not just the illness or condition.

Watch film footage of person-centred care in practice and use it to measure how person-centred your own practice is currently. You will then have the chance to reflect on what you have seen and discuss and debate elements of the film in detail.

We will take part in an activity to develop understanding of why including clients in decisions relating to their care is important and explore ways of supporting a person to make their own decisions through a variety of methods.

Finally, the session will close with a detailed look at how to create meaningful person-centred care plans which support the individual’s choices. We will consider the impact of Data Protection on care planning and the importance of effective documentation.

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  • Understand person centred values and working in a person centred way​
  • Understand how to adapt the individual’s environment to relieve discomfort or distress​
  • Discuss the importance of making others aware if their actions cause discomfort or distress to individuals​
  • Learn how to recognise pain or discomfort in individuals​
  • Discuss ways to help the individual maintain their identity and wellbeing

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